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Huakina Development Trust

Marae Forum Committee

Marae Forum is represented by the following Marae:







Te Kumi Paa

Te Awamarahi

Ngaa Tai E Rua

Ngaa Hau E Wha


Te Puea

Robert Clark
Robert Clark


Robert Clark - Chairperson

Te Kumi Paa

What does Huakina mean to Robert and his Marae?

  • To gather (tepuaha ki tamaki) to korero ( whanaungatanga)

  • To provide wellness hinengaro, tinana, and wairua for our people 

What is one goal Robert wishes to accomplish for his Marae? And how?

  • To restore, and protect health and wellbeing of our land and water ways

    Manamotuhake all things Māori

Kumeroa Phillips
Kumeroa Phillips


Kumeroa Phillips - Secretary

Tauranganui Marae

What does Huakina mean to Kumeroa and her Marae?

What does Huakina mean to me? It is a service that is committed to providing opportunities and support to Individuals, their communities, Marae, and whānau.

To enable whānau to make good decisions and provide a pathway for their well-being. It is a service that works collaboratively with others for the benefit of the above, due to the connection, it allows Huakina to be better prepared for what’s ahead. It is a service that reaches out in support of whānau, hapū, and Iwi.

How does Huakina support our Marae?

  • Strategic pathway planning for our people.

  • They provided a COVID-19 Rapid Antigen testing guide.

  • Whare Oranga Clinics

  • Supporting people and whānau living with long-term conditions

  • Outing events and educational programs for Kaumātua

  • Driver’s licenses classes

  • They provide access to services for our whānau at Tauranganui.

  • Food support

  • Whanau ora

  • Wellness and healthy living

  • Mirimiri

  • Support of our Rangatahi

  • Marae Forum

What is one goal Kumeroa wishes to accomplish for her Marae? And how?

The Goal for our Marae and whānau is to take control of the future of our Marae, to stay focused on the strategic pathway planning which has many parts, and for everyone to take responsibility and work together, to enjoy the growth, and changes for the next generation.

Denis Holland
Denis Holland


Ngati Tipa

Denis Holland - Kaumatua
Ngati Tipa

Te Kumi Paa

What does Huakina mean to Denis and his Marae?

Huakina is the overarching entity or Pou Herenga that connects the many whānau, marae and hapū  of the Puaha and Kei o te Waka. It incorporates the tikanga values including manaakitanga and  tiakitanga  in its provision of social services to our whānau and the wider community, It is vital that these values, or taonga tuku iho which give us our identity, are maintained as they set us apart from mainstream providers.  

What is one goal Denis wishes to accomplish for his Marae? And how?

The one goal that our marae would want to accomplish would be to make our marae relevant to rangatahi and pakeke. The long-term future of our marae depends on their active participation in marae life. To achieve this, we need to encourage rangatahi not only to have a voice but to listen to what is being said and be prepared to step back and give them the responsibility as kaitiaki of our marae.  We also need to accept that how our marae is run, what our marae is used for and even tikanga will change.

Heraraumati Sally Brown
Heraraumati Sally Brown

Marae Delegate

Heraraumati Sally Brown - Delegate

Mangatangi Marae

What does Huakina mean to Heraraumati and her Marae?

Support for our whānau and community with Health and Wellbeing Initiatives and Services.

What is one goal Heraraumati wishes to accomplish for her Marae? And how?

Continue to promote/push for support services, expressed as a need by our whānau and community by attending forums that gets our messages heard and by using our networks towards that aim/goal.